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Volume 11 Number 1 (Special Issue on Redefining the Workforce towards Achieving the New Revolution)
Guest Editor: Dr Lawrence Arokiasamy

List of Papers in the Special Issue (Vol. 11 Issue 1):

Time Study Analysis to Find Normal Time Workforce Scheduling ILO Standard Time: Case Study of Parking Pay Station Bandung Electronic Center
Aldri Satria Gusmon and Arry Hutomo
pp. 1-8

The Influence of Social Pressure, Responsibility and Procedural Fairness towards the Creation of Budgetary Slack: An Experimental Research
Apriwandi and Yulivia Mayang Pratiwi
pp. 9-21

Comparative Analysis of Payment Method between Digital Money and Non-Digital Money toward the Process of Customer Purchase Decision: Survey on Tokopedia Customers in Bandung, Indonesia

Bunga Indah Bayunitri and Fitriani Fajar
pp. 22-27

The Influence of Tax Collection by Warning Letter and Distress Warrant on Tax Revenues: Case Study of the Purwakarta Tax Office in 2013-2017

Citra Mariana and Yati Mulyati
pp. 28-34

Creating Knowledge Management with the Role of Leadership and Organizational Culture: Evidence from State Owned-Port Company

Darwis Agustriyana and Dematria Pringgabayu
pp. 35-43

Financial Performance and Systemic Risk Effect on Stock Return: Case Study on Oil and Gas Companies Listed in IDX Year 2011-2016

Dede Hertina and Mohamad Bayu Herdiawan Hidayat
pp. 44-54

The Color Meaning in Go Green Logo: A Semiotics Study

Deden Novan Setiawan Nugraha
pp. 55-65

Risk Determinants on Foreign Exchange Banking Based on Endogenous Variable Using Probit Models

Devy M. Puspitasari, Erie Febrian, Mokhammad Anwar, and Rahmat Sudarsono
pp. 66-74

The Influence of Store Atmosphere on Repurchase Interest in Indonesia: Study on the Takigawa Cafe Meatbar in the Sky

Dinda Kayani Putri Bestari and Yusuf Maulana Bahari
pp. 75-80

Factors Inhibiting Public Participation in corruption Prevention through E-Government Application in Indonesia

Dini Arwati and Dini Verdania Latif
pp. 81-86

The Effect of Self-Efficacy, Creativity, and Motivation on Entrepreneurship Interest in FBM Students of Widyatama University, Indonesia

Achmad Drajat Aji, Herman Sofyandi, Didi Tarmidi, and Nugraha Saefudin
pp. 87-95

Sharia Accounting Theory in Indonesia in Moral Perspective

Dudi Abdul Hadi
pp. 96-109

Backend Challenges and Issues for E-Government in Indonesia seen through the Perspective of Infrastructure of E-Government Components Cube

Endang Amalia
pp. 110-119

Value Relevance of Accounting Information and Faithful Representation against Investment Decisions

Erly Sherlita
pp. 120-129

Environment Uncertainty and Management Accounting Information System in the Indonesian Commercial Private Bank: Empirical Analysis

Evi Octavia
pp. 130-138

The Role of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Adaptive Capability to Performance of SME Food & Beverages

Fansuri Munawar
pp. 139-151

Raw Material Ordering Control Application Using Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) and Reorder Point (ROP) Methods for Shoe Company in Indonesia

Fitri Sukmawati, Tania Eka Putri, and Irna Yuniar
pp. 152-164

Does the Use of Social Media for Political Marketing Through Stand-Up Comedy Actors Make Optimum Output?

Fitriani Reyta and Neneng Susanti
pp. 165-176

A Literature Review of Experience Quality, Destination Image, Perceived Value, Customer Engagement, and Behavior Intentions of Bali's Subak Visitors

Gallang Perdhana Dalimunthe, Yuyus Suryana, Dwi Kartini, and Diana Sari
pp. 177-185

Predicting Financial Distress: A Case Study of Indonesia Coal Firms

Gusni, Sri Wiludjeng S.P., and Silviana
pp. 186-194

Augmented Reality Technology (AR) as Alternative Media for Promotional Product

Hari Supriyadi ST.
pp. 195-202

Financial Distress Indications in Mining Sector Companies in LQ45 in Indonesia

Helin Garlinia Yudawisastra and Erie Febrian
pp. 203-208

Student Motivation as an Impact of Campus Environment and Leadership Style: A Case Study of Business Community Development, Universitas Widyatama

Ahmad Nasir and Tezza Adriansyah Anwar
pp. 209-216

Interests Influence of Digital Marketing Product Sales in Exports by SMEs in Bandung

Hamizah Qurratu 'Aini and Ayuningtyas Yuli Hapsari
pp. 217-225

Lessons Learned to Increase the Digital Startups Success Rate

Iqbal Yulizar Mukti, Ari Purno Wahyu Wibowo, and Savitri Galih
pp. 226-234

Carhart Four Factors Asset Pricing Model on Index LQ 45 Period 2012 - 2016

Neneng Susanti and Sakina Ichsani
pp. 235-241

Building a Conceptual Framework for Recruitment Process

Neuneung Ratna Hayati
pp. 242-248

The Effectiveness of Act Number 19 Year 2002 Jo. Act Number 28 Year 2014 Concerning with Copyright as a Protection of Craft Creative Industry to Increase The Acceleration of Creative Economic Growth of Indonesia

Nina Nurani and Hafied Noor Bagja
pp. 249-261

An Exploratory Study of Success Factors of the Leadership Succession in the Family-Owned Higher Education Institutions

Nissa Syifa Puspani and Annisa Maharani Suyono
pp. 262-265

Investment Decisions Using CAPM in the Coal Mining Sub-Sector Period 2012-2016

Nugi Mohammad Nugraha and Neneng Susanti
pp. 266-274

Product Differentiation, Celebrity Endorsement and Purchase Intention: Case Study of Makuta Cake Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Radhi Abdul Halim Rachmat, Ratih Hurriyati, and Mokh. Adieb Sultan
pp. 275-283

The Effect of Store Atmosphere and Merchandise on Customer Experiences: Survey of Department Store Customers in Bandung City, Indonesia

Rini Handayani
pp. 284-294

The Effect of Website Quality and Perceived Usefulness on Bobotoh's Satisfaction after Purchasing Online Ticket in Each Home Match of Persib Bandung

Riski Taufik Hidayah and Sidiq Ridwan Permana
pp. 295-301

The Financial Distress Indication on Mining Industry of Oil and Gas Sub-Sectors in Indonesia

Ryan Herdyanto and Helin G Yudawisastra
pp. 302-306

The Effect of Firm Value, Leverage, Profitability and Company Size on Tax Avoidance in Companies Listed on Index LQ45 Period 2012-2016

Sakina Ichsani and Neneng Susanti
pp. 307-313

Designing Human Resource Development Program of Political and Nation Unity Office (Kesbangpol) in West Bandung District

Siska Ayudia Adiyanti
pp. 314-320

Effect of Whistleblowing System and Effectiveness of Internal Audit on Good Governance Practices: Case study of BUMN Companies in Bandung Indonesia

Syafdinal, Islahuzzaman, and Paulus Sugianto Yusuf
pp. 321-326

Innovation Strategy for Creative Industry of Indonesian Batik Trusmi Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise (MSME)

Tita Borshalina
pp. 327-334

The Impact of Credit, Liquidity, Operational and Market Risks on Return on Asset

Vincentia Wahju Widajatun and Sakina Ichsani
pp. 335-340

Influence of Non-Financial Information and Macroeconomic on the Level of Underpricing on Companies that Conduct IPO on the IDX in the 2011-2015 Period

Ivan Gumilar Sambas Putra and Daniel Nababan
pp. 341-354

Practising Conflict Management Strategies in Primary Schools: A Malaysian Scenario

Simin Ghavifekr, Asha Nair, Mohammed Sani Ibrahim
pp. 355-366

Influence of Human Resource Management Practices on Malaysian Construction Organizational Performance

CHIENG Heng Ping, Lawrence AROKIASAMY, and Khairil Anwar Abu KASSIM
pp. 367-379

Determinants of Turnover Intention in the Private Universities in Malaysia: A Conceptual Paper

Chitra Devi Ainer, Chandrakantan Subramaniam, and Lawrence Arokiasamy
pp. 380-391

Human Resource Management Practices and Their Impact on Construction Organizational Performance

CHIENG Heng Ping, Lawrence AROKIASAMY, Khairil Anwar Abu KASSIM
pp. 392-406

The Effect of Perceived Value-In-Use in Student Advocacy Behavior of Private Higher Education Institution in Malaysia: A Conceptual Framework

DP Christabel Karunanayaka, Lawrence Arokiasamy, and Ridzuan Masri
pp. 407-418

The Influence of Internet of Things on Employee's Engagement among Generation Y at the Workplace: An Empirical study

Nur 'Izzah Mohamad Nor, Lawrence Arokiasamy, and Rani Ann Balaraman
pp. 419-427

The Influence of Internet of Things on Employee's Engagement among Generation Y at the Workplace

Nur 'Izzah Mohamad Nor, Lawrence Arokiasamy, and Rani Ann Balaraman
pp. 428-435

Islamic Working Environment, Organizational Commitment and Employee's Job Satisfaction and Performance in Malaysia Service Industry: A Conceptual Paper

Muhamad Izzuddin Zainudin, Muhammad Shawal Abdul Rashid, Yokananthini Murugeesan, Che Nur Amalina S. Che Zainal, and Safrena Noreen Abd Malek
pp. 436-445

A Study on Academicians' Well-Being in Malaysian Universities: A Conceptual Paper

pp. 446-454

Intention to Purchase Safer Car in Indonesia: An Application of Theory of Planned Behaviour

Khairil Anwar Abu Kassim, Lawrence Arokiasamy, and Cheng Heng Ping
pp. 455-471

Board Characteristics and Dividend Pay-out Practice among the Financially Distressed Firms in Malaysia

Maran Marimuthu, Lawrence Arokiasamy, Maran Kaliyamoorthy, and Udhayasankar Ranganathan
pp. 472-477

Inaccurate Forecasting Planning Nurture Inventory Wastage (Perishable Items) in the Hypermarket Retail

Mohan Selvaraju and Lawrence Arokiasamy
pp. 478-487

Perceived Higher Education Climate of Academics in Malaysian Private Institutions in Industry 4.0

Wan Nur Aswannah Wan Chik and Lawrence Arokiasamy
pp. 488-504

A Study on Young Female Adults' Intention and Adoption of Emergency Contraceptive Pill in Rural Malaysia

Ramasami Alagrisamy and Lawrence Arokiasamy
pp. 505-515

Institutional Citizen Journalist and Their Challenges in Malaysia

Rani Ann Balaraman, Sharifah Nadiah Syed Mukhiar, Mohamad Saifudin Mohamad Saleh, and Lawrence Arokiasamy
pp. 516-525

ICYou - A Colour Identification Application For Colour Blind

Raenu Kolandaisamy, Kasthuri Subaramaniam, and Loo Kah Heng
pp. 526-537

Review of Empirical Research on Intellectual Capital and Financial Performance in the Banking Sector

Sia Beng Yen, Chong Aik Lee, and Lawrence Arokiasamy
pp. 538-550

Flexible Working Arrangements in Malaysia; a Study of Employee's Performance on White Collar Employees

Shanthi Ramakrishnan and Lawrence Arokiasamy
pp. 551-559

The Moderating Effect of Multinationality on Intellectual Capital - Profitability Relationship of Malaysian Banks

Sia Beng Yen, Chong Aik Lee, and Lawrence Arokiasamy
pp. 560-570

The Relationship between Purchasing and Operational Improvement; Supply Risk Management Perspective - A Study on SMEs (Manufacturing Sector)

Thillairaja Pertheban and Lawrence Arokiasamy
pp. 571-582

The Relationship between Supply Chain Resilience Elements and Organisational Performance: The Mediating Role of Supply Chain Ambidexterity

Thillairaja Pertheban and Lawrence Arokiasamy
pp. 583-592

A Study on Ethical Customer Management and Organizational Sustainability in Pharmaceutical Industry in Malaysia

Lee Yu Han, Lawrence Arokiasamy, and Joel Tham Kah Marn
pp. 593-606

The Association between Ethical Customer Management and Organizational Sustainability in Pharmaceutical Industry in Malaysia

Lee Yu Han, Lawrence Arokiasamy, and Joel Tham Kah Marn
pp. 607-619



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