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Volume 12 Number 3
Guest Editor: Dr Jugindar Singh (Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Malaysia)
Role of E-trust, E-loyalty, and E-satisfaction on Online Buying Behaviour among Millennials in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Moushayyadah Emamdin, Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh, Benjamin Chan Yin Fah
pp. 1-16

Retention of Employees through Career Development, Employee Engagement and Work-life Balance: An Empirical Study among Employees in the Financial Sector in Djibouti, East Africa
Asma Ahmed Houssein, Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh, Thilageswary Arumugam
pp. 17-32

The Effect of the Implementation of Minimum Wage on Employees in the Textile Industry in Dhaka
Md Showmik Rahman, Subaashnii Subramaniam, Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh
pp. 33-46

The Success of Construction Projects: Empirical Evidence from the United Arab Emirates
Abdul Aziz Noor Ali Khan,Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh, Devinder Kaur, Thilageswary Arumugam
pp. 47-59

Using Blockchain for Effective Risk Management in Supply Chain: A Qualitative Study
Nathani, M. Umair, Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh
pp. 60-76

Mindfulness in an Age of Digital Distraction and the Effect of Mindfulness on Employee Engagement, Wellbeing, and Perceived Stress
Shumaiz Khan, Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh, Devinder Kaur, Thilageswary Arumugam
pp. 77-86

Learning Needs as an Intervention for Gen Y Employees’ Intention to Stay and the Mediating Role of Perceived Organizational Support
Zabedah Othman, Rosmah Mohamed, Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh, Farah Aqilah bt Mohd Sujang
pp. 87-103

Social Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence: Job Satisfaction among Public Sector Employees in a High-Risk Country
Tareg Mohamed, Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh, Subaashnii Subramaniam
pp. 104-117

Barriers Faced by Women in Business Organizations in Yerevan, Armenia
Babaeva Marina, Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh, Noraini Binti Ahmad
pp. 118-133

Reducing Turnover Intention through Flexible Work Arrangement, Supervisor Support, and Employee Engagement: A Study among Female Auditors in Jakarta
Ni Made Anggi Lutfiani Putri Windia, Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh, Tajuddin A. Rashid, Thilageswary Arumugam
pp. 134-148




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