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Volume 13 Number 3

Guest Editor: Dr Hesham Magd (Associate Dean for Quality Assurance & Accreditation, Faculty of Business and Economics, Modern College of Business and Science, Oman)
Application of Text Mining to Analyze Customer Opinions on Social Media
Rolou Lyn R. Maata, Aaron Paul Pineda, Ferdinand J. Epoc, Ronald Cordova
pp. 1-9

Assessing the Significance of Corporate Social Responsibility Actions to Achieve Sustainable Business and Organizational Performance during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Oman
Hesham Magd, Henry Karyamsetty
pp. 10-24

Challenges and Opportunities of Block-chain Technology in Food Supply Chain in Egypt
Habiba S. Elrouby, Ahmed Ismael
pp. 25-32

Characteristics, Challenges, and Opportunities of Vaccine Cold Chain
Tianran Ren, Jun Ren, Ben Matellini, Sam Tammas-Williams
pp. 33-43

Commitment of Higher Educational Institutions to Sustainability Agenda: Comparative Study of GCC and ASEAN
Hesham Magd, Ilya Bystrov
pp. 44-56

Corporate Governance Best Practices aligned with Oman Vision 2040 – The Way Forward
Abdul Aziz Mubarak Al Sinani, Ayyappan Palanissamy, Hesham Magd
pp. 57-69

Current Issues and Emerging Trends in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Oman
Hesham Magd, Benson Ruzive
pp. 70-80

E-Learning Challenges in Private Higher Education Institutions During Covid 19: The Case Study of MCBS
Hesham Magd, Muthla Al Busaidi, Ahmed Nzomkunda
pp. 81-91

E-commerce Disputes and Digital Justice Platforms – A Developmental Perspective
Hesham Magd, Ayyappan Palanissamy
pp. 92-103

Entrepreneurial Skills in the New Normal: A Review of Literature
Hesham Magd, Siraj K Kunjumuhammed, Ravi Thirumalaisamy
pp. 104-112

Evaluate The Role of Leadership in Crisis Management: A Field Study in Psychiatric Hospitals in Egypt
Aiman El Gharib, Enas Elnahas
pp. 113-123

Impact of Entrepreneurship Education on Entrepreneurial Perspective in Oman
Raihan Taqui Syed, Hesham Magd, Dharmendra Singh
pp. 124-134

Impacts of Covid-19 on Developing Countries: A Comparative Study on Foreign Trade Between China and Egypt
Mahmoud A. Hammad, Hussein Magdy Elhusseiny, Dina Adel Hammad, Matevž Obrecht
pp. 135-146

Inclusion of Human Factor Perspective towards Ensuring Quality in Accident Investigation Reports: A Case Study Approach in South Asia
Bikal Jha, Jaya Sangeetha
pp. 147-163

Investigating the Impact of COVID-19 on the Logistics Sector: A Case Study on Egypt
Engy Bayoumi, Jilan Keshta, Sara Elgazzar
pp. 164-172

Knowledge Transfer from Retiring Employees in Public Sector in Oman: Challenges and Issues
Venkat Ram Raj Thumiki, Hesham Magd
pp. 173-188

How Can We Ensure the Supply of More Sustainable Palm Oil
Miša Gabor, Matjaž Knez, Matevž Obrecht
pp. 189-203

Challenges and Opportunities of Using Blockchain in Supply Chain Management
Ronald S. Cordova, Rolou Lyn R. Maata, Ferdinand J. Epoc, Marwan Alshar’e
pp. 204-217

The Factors Influencing Tourist’s Choice to Select Various Transportation Modes in Oman
Fathima Kamila Mohammed Kamal, Abdelbaset Ramadan Queiri
pp. 218-231

The Impact of CSR on Employees’ Engagement. A Study on SMEs in Egypt
Mohamed Mostafa Saad, Hazem Rasheed Gaber, Ashraf Adel Labib
pp. 232-244

The Impact of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Luxury Hotels in Muscat
Sammy Said Saud Al-Shidhani, Raja Tumati
pp. 245-257

The Influence of Transformational Leadership on Psychological Empowerment of Omani Civil Service Agencies’ Employees: A Conceptual Model
Adil Al Kindy, Hesham Magd
pp. 258-282

The Relationship between TQM, Knowledge Management, and Innovation: A Framework to Achieve Organizational Excellence in Service Industry
Hesham Magd, Mohammad Ansari, Saurav Negi
pp. 283-296

The Role of Big Data Analytics for Enhancing the Internet of Things Applications in Megacities: The Case of Traffic Optimization and Control
Islam Hassanin, Aya ElGarhy, Sobhy Mostafa
pp. 297-306

Trends and Practices of Reverse Logistics in Electronic Industry: A Case Study of Samsung Company
Alaa Abdelshafie, Tarek Fatouh, Mostafa Rashid
pp. 307-319

Virtual Supply Chain and Countries Legal Framework: Literature Review and Institutional Implications
Hossam Omara, Trevena Ayman Halim, Tarek Madkour
pp. 320-322

Women Entrepreneurship in Oman- Possibilities and Challenges
Hesham Magd, Ravi Thirumalaisamy
pp. 323-337



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