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Volume 9 Number 1s (Special Issue of International Conference on Leadership and Management (ICLM 2016), 2017)
Special Issue: Open Access (PDF, Size: 10 MB)

List of Papers in the Special Issue (Vol. 9 Issue 1s):

The Influence of the Service Quality and Outcome Quality on the Member Overall Satisfaction: A Proposed Model for Health and Fitness Users
Chen Big Kim and Tan Cheng Ling
Page 1

Does Corporate Governance Mechanism Improve Shareholder Value? A Panel Analysis of Malaysian Listed Companies
Mohd Yussoff Ibrahim, Ayoib Che Ahmad, and Muhammad Anees Khan
Page 15

Improving Firm Financial Performance Through Corporate Governance Mechanism in Malaysian Listed Companies: Empirical Study Approach
Muhammad Anees Khan and Mohd Yussoff Ibrahim
Page 28

Relationship between Leadership Styles and Affective Commitment among Employees in National Anti-Drugs Agency (NADA)
Raemah Abdullah Hashim, Bushro Ahmad, and Azahari Jamaludin
Page 39

Measurement Development of Customer Patronage of Petrol Station with Convenience Store
Yuli Kumala Sari, Zullina Hussain Shaari, and Amzairi Bin Amar
Page 52

Development of Conceptual Key Factors Model for Safety Culture
Shahid Ali and Azmi Mohd Shariff
Page 63

Relationship between Organizational Communication and Job Satisfaction in Temporary Work Environment: An Empirical Study of Plant Turnaround Workers
Musah, Adiza. Alhassan; Zulkipli, Ghazali; Ahmad, Nizam Shahrul Isha
Page 73

Plant Turnaround Maintenance Leading and Plant Turnaround Maintenance Performance in Malaysian Process Based Industry: The Mediating role of Team Alignment
Jalal ud Din Akbar and Zulkipli Ghazali
Page 85

Translating Safety Policy into Practice: The Role of Management in Oil and Gas Industry in Malaysia
Ahmad Shahrul Nizam Isha
Page 102

Psychological Well-being and Fatigue Impact on Aberrant Driving Behaviors in Oil and Gas Sector of Malaysia
Asrar Ahmed Sabir
Page 110

Bridging and Bonding: How Gender Diversity Influence Organizational Performance
Rohail Hassan, Maran Marimuthu, and Satirenjit Kaur Johl
Page 117

Linking Organizational Climate, Psychological Ownership, and Intention to Stay: A Proposed Model
Winnie Woon, Cheng-Ling Tan, and Aizzat Mohd. Nasurdin
Page 127

Impact of Shareholder Structure on Voluntary Disclosure in Malaysian Companies
Ahmad Ibrahim Karajeh, Mohd. Yussoff B. Ibrahim, and Nor Asma Bt Lode
Page 142

Impact of Rewards and Recognition on Malaysian IT Executives Well-being and Turnover Intention: A Conceptual Framework
Naseebullah Langove and Ahmad Shahrul Nizam Isha
Page 153

Innovation Diffusion Attributes as Predictors to Adoption of Green Fertilizer Technology among Paddy Farmers in Perak State
Sobia Mannan, Shahrina Md Nordin, and Shameem Rafik-Galea
Page 162

Moulding Workers’ Mindset and Behavior: A Case of Lubricant Blending Plant in Malaysia
Zulkipli Ghazali
Page 171

Association between Psychosocial Factors at Work and Prevalence of Upper Musculoskeletal Systems Disorders: A Pilot Study
Paras Behrani and Ahmed Shahrul Nizam
Page 181

Intention to Purchase Safer Car: an Application of Theory of Planned Behavior
Khairil Anwar Abu Kassim, Lawrence Arokiasamy, Mohd Hafzi Md Isa, and Chieng Heng Ping
Page 188

Conflict of Interest: Engaging with Alatas’ Ideas in the Sociology of Corruption
Khalidah Khalid Ali
Page 198

The Impact of Ethical Climate on Organizational Commitment: A Study of Malaysian Higher Learning Institutions
Kum Lung Choe, Yuen Onn Choong, and Luen Peng Tan
Page 208

An Integrative Framework to Study Malaysian Paddy Farmer’s Decision on Adoption of Green Fertilizer Technology
Nadia Adnan, Shahrina Md Nordin, and Imran Rahman
Page 218

Emotional Intelligence and Expatriate Job Performance in the ICT Sector: The Mediating Role of Cultural Adjustment
Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh and Nik Hasnaa Nik Mahmood
Page 230

Playful-Consumption Experience of Videogame-Play Influences Consumer Video-Game Engagement: A Conceptual Model
Amir Zaib Abbasi and Abu Baker Sedek Abdul Jamak
Page 244

Conceptual Understanding of Islamic Housing Loan (Bai-Bithaman Ajil): An Empirical Review
Maran Marimuthu, Indraah Kolandaisamy, and Khong Yeen Lai
Page 254

The Mediating Effect of Work Engagement on The Relationship Between Islamic Religiosity and Job Performance
Novia Zahrah, Siti Norasyikin Binti Abdul Hamid, Shamsul Huda Binti Abdul Rani, and Bidayatul Akmal Binti Mustafa Kamil
Page 271

Linking Trust and Turnover Intention: A Conceptual Framework
Mishaliny Sivadahasan Nair and Rohani Salleh
Page 281

The Management of Research and Innovation Systems: Comparative Study of the East and the West Practices
Teck-Chai Lau, Kum-Lung Choe, and Ming-Yu Cheng
Page 289

Ability, Motivation, Opportunity Enhancing Human Resource Management and Corporate Environmental Citizenship: What’s the Connection?
Tay Lee Chin, Tan Fee Yean, and Khulida Kirana Yahya
Page 299

Economic Value Analysis for a Government Funded Research Program in Green Fertilizer Technology Development
Fong-Woon Lai, Muhammad Kashif Shad, and Hasnida Abdul Wahab
Page 313

Examining A New Paradigm of Enterprise Sustainability Risk Management
Mustajab Ahmed Soomro and Fong-Woon Lai
Page 328

Economic Value Added Analysis for Enterprise Risk Management
Fong-Woon Lai and Muhammad Kashif Shad
Page 338

Evaluation of Training Effectiveness in Relation to Self-Efficacy and Training Facilities in a Malaysian Public Skill Training Institution
Khulida Kirana Yahya, Wan Shakizah Wan Mohd Noor, Siti Zubaidah Othman, Mohd Faizal Mohd Isa, and Abdul Razak Abd Manaf
Page 348

Tax Revenue and Gross Capital: An Empirical Analysis for Malaysia
Azrai Abdullah and Khalid Hassan
Page 360

The Role of Public Sector in Economic Growth: Evaluation for the Impact of Government Expenditure in Sectoral Output: The Case Study of Sudan
Khalid Hassan and Azrai Abdullah
Page 370

Organisational Justice and Organisational Citizenship Behaviour: Evidence from A Developing Country
Nurharani Selamat, Norshidah Nordin, and Chan Yuen Fook
Page 383

Ownership Structure Attributes, Outside Board Members and SMEs Firm Performance with Mediating Effect of Innovation in Malaysia
Aamir Iqbal Umrani, Satirenjit Kaur Johl, and Mohammad Yussoff Ibrahim
Page 393

A Literature Review of Competence Development on Academic Career Advancement: A Human Resource Development Perspective
Lawrence Arokiasamy, Nazanin Mansouri, Rani Ann Balaraman, and Normalini Md Kassim
Page 403

Occupational Stress among Women Managers
Lai Ka Fei, Ng Yin Kuan, Fong Chee Yang, Lim Yoong Hing, and Wong Kok Yaw
Page 415

An Overview on Relationship between Corporate Entrepreneurship and Firm Performance
Majid Hussain Serai, Satirenjit Kaur Johl, and Maran Marimuthu
Page 428

Ascertaining the Influence of Task Motivation and Constructive Cognition of Self-leadership on Career Development of Women Leaders
Esther Kadarko Dizaho, Rohani Salleh, and Azrai Abdullah
Page 439

Achieveing Work Life Balance Through Flexible Work Schedules and Arrangements
Esther Kadarko Dizaho and Rohani Salleh
Page 455

Overview of Nanotechnology Innovation System and Its Main Actors in Malaysia
Yasmin Rajab, Azrai Hj. Abdullah, and Nor Hisham Hamid
Page 466

Corporate Sustainability Practices and Firm’s Financial Performance: The Driving Force of Integrated Management System
Muhammad Zahid and Zulkipli Ghazali
Page 479

A Step towards Sustainable University: A Case of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) Malaysia
Muhammad Zahid, Zulkipli Ghazali, Haseeb Ur Rahman
Page 492

Rationale and application of Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) in Safety Management Research
Nor Hafizah Abd Latiff Khan, Zulkipli Ghazali, Muhammad Ridhuan Tony Lim Abdullah, and Ahmad Shahrul Nizam Isha
Page 505

Psychosocial Risks in Relation to Health and Wellbeing
Muhammad Umair Javaid, Ahmad Shahrul Nizam Isha, and Zulkipli Ghazali
Page 516

The Impact of Regulatory Function on Supply Chain Resilience: Reliability of Measurement Scales
Osaro Aigbogun, Zulkipli Ghazali, and Radzuan Razali
Page 524

Core Self-Evaluations and Work-Family Conflict as Correlates of Teachers’ Intrinsic Motivation: A Proposed Framework
Zurina Abu Bakar and Rohani Salleh
Page 532

Gender and Ethnic Group Differences in Customer Citizenship Behavior
Amjad Shamim, Zulkipli Ghazali, Zaheen Khan, and Abu Bakar Sedek Abdul Jamak
Page 546

A Preliminary Study on Consumption Experience of Social Support Towards Life Satisfaction
Rosmanizah Derahman
Page 555

Employability Skills and Attributes of Engineering and Technology Graduates from Employers’ Perspective: Important vs. Satisfaction 
Haryanni Harun, Rohani Salleh, Mohamed Noor Rosli Baharom, and Mumtaz Ali Memon
Page 572

Micro-Enterprise Growth Strategies: A Conceptual Model
Abu Bakar Sedek Abdul Jamak, Zulkipli Ghazali, and Md Akhir M Sharif
Page 581

Multi-ethnic Groups Shopping Trip Frequency: Scoping Research on Malaysian Shoppers
Sohel Ahmed and Satirenjit Kaur Johl
Page 592

Origins of Metrosexual: In the Light of Events
Sobia Bano and Md Akhir Mohd Sharif
Page 605

An Approach towards Safety Leadership Framework in Manufacturing Sector of Malaysia
Muhammad Zeeshan Mirza and Ahmad Shahrul Nizam B Isha
Page 613

Potential of Renewable Energy Technologies and its Implications for the Management of Low Carbon Lifestyles in Rural Malaysia
Subarna Sivapalan, Stefan Haunschmid, and Mohamed Hasnain Isa
Page 622

Challenges in Designing an Innovative Environmental Policy: A Case for Germany Environmental Governance
Azhan Hasan and Zullina H. Shaari
Page 632

Perception Study on the Impact of the Oil and Gas Industry on Wealth Distribution
Maran Marimuthu and Noor Azmilla Mohd Adzraai @ Zari
Page 647

Ownership Structure and Firm Value: An Insider Ownership Effect
Maran Marimuthu
Page 658

Customers’ Preferences on Ar-Rahnu: Exploring the Adoption of the Islamic-Based Pawnshop Using PLS
Maran Marimuthu and Indraah Kolandaisamy
Page 666

Accounting Profitability and Firm Market Valuation: A Panel Data Analysis
Mohd. Haseeb Ur Rahman, Mohd. Yussoff Ibrahim, and Ayoib Che Ahmad
Page 679

Innovation Diffusion: Farmers’ Perception towards New Green Fertilizer in Granary Paddy Fields in Malaysia
Shahrina Md Nordin, Ammar Redza, and Mohd Shamsuri Md Saad
Page 690

The Innovative Society: A Comparison Study of Innovation Diffusion among Farmers in Malaysia Two Major Granary Area
Ammar Redza, Shahrina Md Nordin, and Mohd Shamsuri Md Saad
Page 703

Innovative Environmental Policy in Promoting the Green Concept of Japanese Electronics Industry
Azhan Hasan
Page 714

Exploring the Mindsets and Well-Being of Rural Secondary School Students in Perak, Malaysia
Zullina H. Shaari, Amzairi Amar, Azamudin Badri Harun, and M. Radzi Zainol
Page 728

Issues in Retrofitting Low Carbon Solutions for Residential Homes: A Critical Review
M Radzi Zainol, Zullina H. Shaari, See Tho Wai Keng,  and Nurnazerah Julayhe
Page 739

A Preliminary Study on Potential Homebuyers’ Attitude and Acceptance of Green Homes in an Emerging Economy
Azamudin Badri-Harun, Zullina H. Shaari, Nurain Shafiqah M. Jaafar, and Nurnazerah Julayhe
Page 754

Identifying Factors that Influence Homeowner Adaptation Intention of Green Residence: A Review
Zullina H. Shaari, A. Badri-Harun, A. Amar, M.R. Zainol, Azamudin Badri @ Harun, Amzairi Amar, Mohamad Radzi Zainol, and Nurnazerah Julayhe
Page 761

An Exploratory Review of Retirement Savings Investment Decisions: A Malaysian Perspective
Marcia Edna Santhana Rajan,  and Amalina Abdullah
Page 771

R+3R and PAYT in Solid Waste Management: A combined Approach
Shrikant Athanikar, Vish Kallimani, and Low Tan Jung
Page 792

Community Engagement Program: Bringing about Community Well-being
Md Akhir M Shariff, Azelin M Noor, Haryanni Harun, Maran Marimuthu, Ena Bhattacharyya, and Ahmad Shahrul Nizam Isha
Page 800

Conceptual Review on Effect of Protean Career Attitudes on individual and Organizational Outcomes
Muhammad Latif Khan, Rohani Salleh, Mohammad Abdullah Hemdi
Page 808



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